Fight against an artificial intelligence while defending your base! Collect trophies from the spoils of war to unlock heaps of unique troops as you travel through time, starting in the caveman era to beyond the galaxy! 

First one to destroy their opponent’s core wins! Place buildings and troops to defend your core while simultaneously fighting back to attack theirs! 

Including a global high-score where you can show off your progress  and Invite up to three other players to fight among you, against a common foe!

New updates will come at random with new troops, arenas and other features!

Thanks to Existential Games for the intensive work with designing/balancing troops and Neotreesink for the epic background music!

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nice page

bit smokey ain't it aye?


One month to go...the hype is building! *cuts to commercial break*

the final stretch

will loot build live up to expectations?

Find out next time on 🎵 Animal Planet 🎵 


pretty long commercial break


think it’s a bit longer because lotto was on


and they all wait...

who’s they?


they couldn't figure out how to do gender specific words so they just did gender neutral

*In a David Attenborough voice* and here we see, a wild Loot Build, just urging to be released out into the wild. Some say this date will be 23rd of November, some say it could be sooner, and some even say never...

*Generic TV voice* Next time on Loot Build Planet, is Loot Build in Development hell? Find out next time!

David Attenborough is gonna be dead by the time this game's released


the depressing thing is this comment might age better than him


hasnt so far so guess thats alright



maybe one day this comment won't make sense ;)




(1 edit)

the meme has begun, officially

release apk

LOOT BUIL- oh, maybe